Does CBD Make You High?
Does CBD Make You High?

The confusion between these two main compounds of cannabis- THC and CBD- is exactly why people looking to use the plant for medical reasons, often wonder if any usage will make them high. If you are using CBD products, the short answer is a simple no!

Due to THC still being illegal in many parts of the world, CBD has not gotten the attention that it deserves for being such a great medical treatment. The recreational use of THC has led to cannabis in general being marked as unsafe and dangerous when that is not the case. On the other hand, CBD is legal in most places and the list of its medicinal benefits only keeps growing and growing as research is done.

The positive effects of CBD in your body are too long to fit in a single article, however, it is often used to reduce anxiety, inflammation and psychotic effects. It is also associated with combating various types of degenerative brain disease, mental illness, and uncontrollable body movement.


It's alright if you're not an expert on the difference between CBD and THC. Even though they are both associated with the topic of cannabis, they are notably different.

Cannabis is an umbrella term for two plants: hemp and marijuana. THC and CBD are the most prominent cannabinoids in these plants. While these plants are closely related, hemp does not have anywhere near as much THC as marijuana, and typically has higher levels of CBD. Cannabis can be bred in order to have lower THC and have much higher levels of CBD (or the opposite depending on what you're using it for). This is ideal for those looking to stay away from THC and its psychoactive effects.

Marijuana Plant, high in THC and


Hemp Plant, high in CBD and low in THC


Those who are feeling the effects of the THC may have to deal with a reduced reaction time, cognitive performance, and motor coordination. This means that if you are high, you should not be driving or performing activities that requires much focus. The risks of doing such activities can be fatal and should not be ignored. It can take hours for a high to wear off, so those who use medical marijuana should plan their days with caution.

CBD on the other hand, since it lacks psychoactive components, will not cause you to be impaired or high. The effects are felt more internally such as pain relief and reduced inflammation rather than a psychotic 'trip'. It can be taken at any point during the day and will not interfere with any of your activities. CBD promotes a natural relaxation and pain reduction within the body but will not leave you inebriated to any extent. One dose will affect you just as much as caffeine from a cup of coffee or a chocolate bar.


Both cannabinoids CBD & THC interact with the human body (and any vertebrate organism) through the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is what will absorb these cannabinoids, but the way your body will react to each is very different. 

When THC is absorbed, it floods your endocannabinoid receptors which is what gives the euphoric effect of being high. However, when CBD is absorbed, it does not directly bind to your receptors. It instead stimulates restorative activities within the system, encouraging your body to be more receptive to signals such as swelling and pain. This is how it is able to promote a full body relief in patients.

To learn more about your endocannabinoid system and how it interacts with cannabis, check out our blog on the ECS here.


Most of our products contain a very low amount of THC. In order to properly be within the federal limitation, none of Health Synergy's products contains more than 0.3% THC. This small amount is not nearly enough to make patients feel even remotely high. It is just enough to work in conjunction with CBD and plant terpenes to make sure that patients receive the strongest relief.

Many chose to avoid THC completely whether it's for personal reasons or employer restrictions. For those we offer a range of 0 THC products.


  • CBD is not the only molecule in cannabis plants that can be used medically. Many of the other cannabinoids, including THC, contain therapeutic properties.
  • CBD actually works best with the use of THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes. This is known as the entourage effect. All of those molecules working together will give a stronger medicinal effect than any of those working alone.
  • CBD works to help treat many illnesses, but it is not a miracle treatment that will cure absolutely everything. Try using it to see if it will help your specific conditions but understand that everyone's body works differently and will see different effects.
  • CBD will not show up on any drug tests. These tests are typically screening for psychoactive THC, while CBD is a completely different molecule. No amount will ever make you fail a drug test.
  • CBD is not a sedative. Those who supplement will not feel sleepy afterwards, unless you are taking a specific nighttime formula. If anything, you are more likely to feel more energized and focused after taking supplements.

Even though a lot has already been revealed about CBD related health benefits, there is a lot more to discover! We need to push for and support all cannabis-related research studies so we can learn more and get this information out to those who need it. Feel free to check out rest of our blogs for more educational articles on cannabis and its health effects.

Take a look at our different products if you think CBD may be right for you.

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